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Support Staff

Our support staff are invaluable in helping to deliver an innovative and exciting curriculum. Their work includes supporting small groups and working on a 1:1 basis with individual children. 


Teaching Assistants and Nursery Nurses



Ms Melanie Charsley  (Nursery Nurse)  Early Years 

Miss Michelle Morgan (Nursery Nurse)  Early Years 

Miss Sally Babb 

Miss Michelle Barnett M – F Mr Harrison Biddulph  

Miss Sarah Catt 

Ms Gilly Clift (Nursery Nurse)  Early Years 

Miss Anneliese De Souza  Early Years 

Mrs Cheryl Graham

Mrs Jahanna Antat

Mrs Romana Kiyani

Mrs Kristina Huszar 

Mrs Madiha Malik  

Mr Marc Norbury  

Miss Katie Nyunt  

Mrs Pina Pandya 

Ms Stacey Williams 

Mrs Angela Toovey

Mrs (Gorza) Marlgozata Zia 

Mrs Su Bousfield (Nursery Nurse)  Early Years 

Ms Janet Cook (Nursery Nurse)  Early Years 


Other Support Staff


Miss Alexandra Edwards (Learning Mentor)

Miss Joanne Jones (Learning Mentor)

Mr T Headley (Jigsaw4U)

Ms Sue Fraser (TAMHS)


We will be offering the 30 hours free childcare for working parents in our Nursery from September - come and see us for more information