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Learning ideas that don't need a screen!


Another thing the children could do is write a book review about a book they might be reading/their favourite book, or write a short story. 


Remember you can use Pobble 365 -‚Äč for inspiration for stories, reading and imagination!


Play I-Spy with an adult using different letter sounds. See how many different items around your house you can find beginning with the different letters!


KS1 –

Write a letter to a friend or family member that you have not seen in a while. Tell them about what you have been up to and what you’re most looking forward to when you come back to school.


LKS2 –

Create a fun comic-strip, including your favourite book character. Decide on a fun adventure they could go on and make sure you have a clear beginning, middle and end to it!


UKS2 –

Become an author! Plan and write an adventure story based on your favourite book character. Think of an exciting adventure they could go and remember to include a clear beginning, middle (with a problem) and end (with resolution).

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