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EYFS: Maths game: Salute 

This simple game is all about bringing together verbalisation and maths. 

What you need to play:

·      Two willing participants

·      Cards numbered 1-10 (these can be made from a sheet of paper)

How to play:

Step 1: The game starts with the two players facing each other. Each person selects a numbered card and sticks it on their forehead, so the other player can see. 

Step 2: The person leading the game gives a statement, such as what the total of the two numbers is, the difference between the two etc…

Step 3: Each player has to work out what number is on their own card, based on what is written on the other person’s head and the rule given. 




When you’re next out walking, see who can count 10 bicycle wheels first.

Did you spot any three-wheeled modes of transport when you were out?

Can you also find a red car, parked next to a silver car and a black car? Are there any patterns with the cars that are parked?

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