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British Museum

Even though we are at home the British Museum is offering us the opportunity to experience the mysteries of the past from the safety and comfort of our homes! Take a tour of the museum and learn about mummies from Ancient Egypt, look at stunning paintings and examine valuable Greek pottery. Earn badges as you complete certain goals. Try and collect them all!

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Lockdown Time Capsule

This period in time will definitely be going down in history! Why not show how this period in time was for you by creating a lockdown time capsule! You can find an old shoe box or container to decorate and then put different items or photos that tell the story of your lockdown experience. Maybe you did more cooking with your parents, joined Joe Wicks on Youtube or someone took a cheeky picture of you doing learning on Microsoft Teams! It can all go in there. You could also write a letter to your future self, telling them how you felt during the lockdown and your expectations of the future.


Natural History museum

The Natural History Museum has a wide range of exhibits and regular online live sessions which will leave you immersed in the history of living creatures on Earth. A fan of David Attenborough? Well, take a private tour with him (well his voice) as he guides you through Hintze Hall, home of some of the star attractions that the Natural History Museum has to offer.



English History

You can catch up with English Heritage's free weekly history lesson series hosted by CBBC presenter Ben Shires. The topics covered tracked the history National Curriculum, from Prehistory to the Second World War, and share information about some of the country’s most iconic sites, including Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall and Dover Castle.


For our creative historians

A myriad of art and craft related activities with a historic spin. Create your very own sword and shield that you can take into battle! Play dress up by creating crowns, tiaras and hats that were the fashion rage in the past. Recreate houses that the Tudors lived in or Stone Age huts. This site will scratch that creative itch you have.


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