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Key Stage One

KS1: Maths game: Guess My Number 

This game can be easily adapted for any age.

Step 1: Think of a number for the children to guess.

Step 2: Players have to ask questions that have a yes or no answer in order to identify the number. 

For younger children they could be given a range within which the number falls, they call out a number and are given ‘higher’ or ‘lower until they reach it.

A more challenging version of the game would be to give players a range of clues, e.g. If the number was 50, they could give the clues ‘It’s an even number’. ‘it’s divisible by 2, 5, 10 and 25’, ‘it’s equal to two quarters’. You could also require that the questions the children ask are of a similar nature e.g. ‘is the number divisible by 3?’ , ‘does the number end in a 7’ etc.

Shape hunt!

There are lots of 2D shapes and 3D shapes all around us at home. Can you create a pictogram which represents how many different shapes you’ve found?

Can you remember all of their names and how many sides/faces they have?

Why not challenge yourself and use 1 picture to represent 2 finds!

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