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Key Stage Two

DIY Musical Instruments - Spin Drum

‚ÄčAsk for an adult's help and follow the steps in the video to make your own spin drum!

You will need: Cardboard, a chop stick, a stick, bottle tops, beads, tape, string, scissors, a pencil, a rubber and colouring pencils.


Build a box house

Play the role of the architect and construct a box building.

Add colour to the trees, cars and busses to bring it to life.

If you make more than one you can build your own street!

(worksheet attached)


DIY DJ Masks

Ask for an adult's help and follow the steps in the video.

Choose your favourite songs and put on a show for your family!

You will need: Cardboard, tape, string, foil, crisp packets, paper, glue, scissors and a pencil


Why not have a go at some baking for your family. Here is a great scone recipe you could try.

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