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Key Stage Two

KS2: Maths Problem Scavenger Hunt 

All children enjoy a scavenger hunt, so why not make one based around maths? 

What you need to play:

·      Some creativity

·      A garden or home full of measurable objects!

How to play:

Step 1: Give children a grid with some pre-set weights and lengths on. It will then be a challenge for them to find something in the garden that is approximately 10cm long, or something in the house that weighs 300g (as an example). 

Step 2: Get your child to gather all of the items they think match the weights and lengths on the card, and check how well they have done with some kitchen scales and a tape measure

LKS2: Guess my number!

Think of a number, any number below 1,000.

Write a set of clues to help a family member guess correctly. You could say: more than ___, less than ____, is in the ___ times table or when subtracted from ___ is equal to ____.

Alternatively, write as many number sentences, using the four operations, that give you the answer.


UKS2: Architect!

Using a unit of measure (metres, centimetres, millimetres) plan and draw what your ideal bedroom would have inside! Think about the size of a desk, bed, clothes storage etc. Remember to label your dimensions accurately.

Why not challenge yourself and record the scale of measure i.e. 1cm = 1 real life metre.

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