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Remote Learning parent feedback

”… I have been hugely impressed by the way the school has adapted to remote learning and I think that the teachers I have seen have done a really excellent job in teaching their classes remotely. I think that it's extremely challenging but they are doing really well in keeping the children engaged and making sure everyone is participating. I also think that the tweaks you've made this week are an improvement and it's good to see feedback being taken on board!...”

      Year 4 Parent


"...can I just say that my children's teachers are doing an amazing job, I really am very impressed with Microsoft Teams as a platform and how Gorringe are using it. The level of engagement it allows - for pupils to see their teacher and their classmates is fabulous. To have feedback on the work that is submitted is brilliant and such an incentive for the children. What Gorringe is offering surpasses what my other child receives from their secondary school. Well done...."

      Year 2 & 5 Parent


 “…in congratulating the teaching staff at Gorringe for having shown such resilience and agility. My son’s learning this week has been indeed extremely well delivered through the medium of MS Teams. Even more kudos to the teachers who had to turn “helpdesk support” to some who were struggling...”

      Year 3 Parent


“…I just want to say a big thanks to you and all the staff regarding the online lessons. 

Teams lessons are really helpful for the kids in these uncertain times. I have a chance to hear the lessons sometimes, Miss Cheung is doing really good…”

      Year 5 Parent


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