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What is Phonics?







At Gorringe Park Primary, we teach phonics using the Sounds-Write programme throughout the school. It is a structured phonics programme that we currently use daily for whole class phonics sessions and catch up interventions.


It teaches the three essential skills of:


  • Segmenting - breaking a word into sounds;
  • Blending – putting sounds together to make a word;
  • Phoneme manipulation - swapping a sound in a word to make a different word e. mat, pat, cat.


To become a fluent reader and speller, a child needs to grasp 4 areas of conceptual understanding. Letters are symbols that represent sounds.


  1. Each sound may be spelt with one or more letters.
  2. Sounds may be written in more than one way e.g. mail, tray, cake, great have the same sound /ae/ however it is spelt differently.
  3. Many spellings can be used for one sound.


In KS1, children build onto this skill by learning that words may have the same sounds but are spelt differently.

For example:            

        snow      coat        so         home       toe

 Tips for parents:


  • It is very important to say the letter sound and not the letter name.
  • Write letters in lower case and not capitals.
  • Start with words known as CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant e.g. mat).
  • To progress onto CVCC (went) CCVC   (tram)

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