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1. Sink or float?


Get a large container (e.g. a bowl or plastic box), fill it with water, and collect a range of objects from around your house. Then take it in turns to drop an object into the water - but before you drop it in, can you decide if it will sink or float? Were your predictions correct?


2. Rainbows: 

Create a rainbow collage by collecting coloured materials from your garden or home, in the colours of the rainbow.  


Key Stage One

What is a mixture?


Get all the toys from around your house (big and small ones) and mix them all together - you can get as messy as you want! Now try to separate your mixture, by grouping all your toys in similar groups - how many groups can you come up with?



Can you find 7 different things in your house that are made from different materials? Why do you think we have so many different materials in the world?


Lower Key Stage 2

Can you make an egg fit into a bottle?


For this challenge you will need: 

1 raw egg

1 glass of vinegar

A small pan of boiling water (make sure an adult helps you with this)

A bottle (which can fit your egg)


Here's what you need to do: 

1. Submerge the egg in a glass of vinegar for two days: the shell will become rubbery. 

2. Heat the bottle in hot water – remember to use gloves or a tea towel when handling it.

3. Rest the egg on the neck of the bottle.

4. As the air inside the bottle cools down, it will contract and suck the egg down.


Can you guess what science is going on? How does the air pull the egg into the bottle?


Water Cycle in a Bag: 

Take a clean plastic sand- wich bag. Carefully pour some water into it, so it is a third full. Seal it and tape it to a window that gets the sun. Watch what happens inside the bag when the sun is shining on the win- dow. Can you explain this? 


Upper Key Stage Two

Can you make two ping-pong balls float in air without touching one another?


For this challenge you will need:

Two ping-pong balls (or any two small, round objects)

A hairdryer


Here's what you need to do:

1. Switch on your hairdryer, making sure it is on the cool setting. 

2. Hold it with the nozzle pointing upwards. 

3. Place one of the ping-pong balls into the stream of air. 

4. Try and place another ball into the same stream of air – on top of the first ball.

What happens to the two balls? Do they touch each other? Can you think of which forces are acting on the balls?


Are biscuits a solid?

‚ÄčTake a biscuit and put it in a sealed bag. Now try and crush the biscuit into little pieces while it is still in the bag. Can you pour the biscuit into a bowl? What things can you usually pour out? Is the biscuit a solid or a liquid? 

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