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"We don't like science, we LOVE science!"


Here at Gorringe we're proud of our love of science. Our teaching of science is centred around the ethos of bringing out the inner scientist within every child. Children are encouraged to be inquisitive, observe the world around and form links between Science and the other subjects, through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). 


The National Curriculum provides the knowledge and skill structure for our taught science curriculum, that is tailored to meet the needs our pupils. Through this detailed approach, we aim to ensure that every child completes their primary education with a love and enthusiasm for science, which they will take with them in the next steps of their life.​


This year we are proud to introduce our very first science ambassadors for the school - Raafey in Year 4 and Jay from Year 2. Here's what they have to say about science:


Raafay: I am very passionate about science, because I love being able to experiment and test things out for myself


Jay: ​I like science because it teaches me a lot about things that I don't know yet, like the life cycle of a butterfly and frog.

We have also been working towards the following two awards:

Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) which shows that as a school we're on our journey to teaching outstanding science!

Space Education Quality Mark (SEQM - Bronze Level): we got this award for showing that throughout the school we are learning about space in all different contexts


Finally, we are learning to link our science with our eco-schools projects and our summer challenge is to try to reduce our plastic consumption, which is having a serious effect on the environment especially on sea-life. 


Stay tuned for more exciting updates and pictures showing more of our amazing science learning! 


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