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Design and Technology

Hello! I’m Mrs. Ahmad, and I am the Design and Technology lead for Gorringe Park Primary School.


Design and Technology has always been one of my favourite subjects at school, it is a subject that I could achieve in despite finding some parts of the curriculum challenging. Design and Technology is amazing as it captivates children of all abilities and enables them with a wide range of skills that can be transferred into different aspects of their lives.


My favourite Design and Technology memory was when I was in Year 6; we designed, made and evaluated Victorian style slippers! We even had to wear our slippers on our Victorian WOW day to further evaluate the materials we had used! I would show you a picture but they absolutely fell apart after my break time play – which was over 15 year ago!


We have 6 fantastic Design and Technology ambassadors at Gorringe Park, who were chosen for their passion and abilities in D&T. Let me introduce you to them!


Year 1- Manveer


Year 2- Borislava


Year 3- Jay


Year 4- Umaya


Year 5- Raafey


Year 6 – Josiah


Here is what Jay in Year 3 thinks about Design and Technology.


“I really enjoy D&T, I like that I can be creative and that we are able to design, make and evaluate a product. D&T makes me feel good because it is not all about letters and numbers as sometimes words and numbers can be tricky for me”

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