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English at Gorringe Park


We believe that reading is a vital life skill that all our children will have the opportunity to develop and master at their time at Gorringe. Reading is composed of a combination of word recognition and comprehension. Comprehension is comprised of inference, retrieval, summarising and vocabulary skills. We have dedicated reading lessons each day, which focus on these skills as well as teaching children to read fluently and with expression.


At Gorringe Park we follow an exciting and enriching writing scheme that exposes our children to rich and engaging texts. Using these texts as a starting point, we teach children to write for a range of purposes and genres. We believe all children should have the opportunity and tools to express themselves through writing. To support this, we equip children with a solid knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling so that their writing is coherent and entertaining for the reader.


How can you help at home? 


Children should read aloud everyday to an adult at home. Reading books should be brought into school each day and changed once finished. Please encourage your child to read for a range of purposes e.g ingredients, newspapers, signs and leaflets. It is important that children understand what they read so discuss any new vocabulary and the children’s thoughts on the texts.


Who is the author? Have you read any other books by them?

What genre do you think the text is?

Who are the main characters?

What do you predict might happen?

How is the character feeling?

What do you notice about the words the author uses?

Can you find a synonym for this word?


Please discuss with your child what they have been learning about in English lessons. Encourage them to practise their skills and write for pleasure. This can include comics, character descriptions, stories, recipes and poems. Teachers will be thrilled to see any extra writing work!

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