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                           Mrs Barrett                                                            Miss Gerken             


We are Mrs Barrett and Miss Gerken and we are the English coordinators at Gorringe Park. We are both keen readers and love any opportunity to get into a new book. We both are passionate about the power of reading and how it can open doors to learning about anything you are interested in. Here is a little more about what we like to read!


Miss Gerken is from New Zealand and growing up her favourite book was ‘Slinky Malinki’ by New Zealand author Lynley Dodd as the cat reminded her of her family’s pet. Today, Miss Gerken enjoys reading a wide range of genres. She is fascinated by historical fiction and learning about how people lived in the past. She is also a big Harry Potter fan – you may have noticed her fantastic Hermoine Granger outfit on World Book Day!


Mrs Barrett loved the Mr Men and Little Miss series when she was growing up. Her parents called her Little Miss Chatterbox as she talked so much! Mrs Barrett is a keen traveller and enjoys reading books set in countries around the world. She is fascinated by reading and learning about everyday life in other countries.  One of Mrs Barrett’s favourite authors as an adult is Khaled Hosseini.



Our curriculum intent:


•          We are empowered to express our opinions, ideas and imagination through writing.

•          We develop a life-long love of reading.


Our curriculum implementation:


Through our implementation, we would like all children to have developed a love of English, that enables them to take their next steps in life with confidence. All children should leave Gorringe Park with the ability to read and write in order for them to prepared for later life. We want all children to have the opportunity to pursue any avenue they wish in their future careers.


Our curriculum impact:


English is taught from Early Years right through to Year Six. There are many different aspects of the English Curriculum and our aim is to help children develop the skills needed to take their next steps in life with confidence, while developing a passion for English.


We aim to ensure skills are embedded through studying various texts and that we are writing to suit a range of purposes and audiences.



The English Curriculum includes but is not limited to:


- creative writing

- non-fiction writing         

- word reading       

- communication skills

- spelling                      

- phonics

- speaking and listening

- handwriting                  

- inference

- vocabulary building

- research

- comprehension




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