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Welcome to Gorringe Park’s library!


Our library has been transformed into a land of adventures, filled with exciting stories and amazing tales. Our catalogue of stories celebrates diversity across the world and showcases many amazing authors.



We would also like to introduce our Library Ambassadors to you:



“I like reading because it is fun and you get to learn more about how to read when you are reading. I also like reading because when you grow up you can teach little ones to read.”



“I like reading because it makes me happy and makes me feel calm. One of my favourite books is called ‘Posy’ and I enjoy reading it because of the main character. It is about a cat that catches spiders and eats ice cream.”



“I like reading because reading is a good way to have fun. My favourite books are from the Horrid Henry collection because I like the personality of the main character. Henry is funny and really cheeky!”



“I enjoy reading because you can find out new ways to help people write. When I’m reading I always find it easier to write my thoughts down afterwards. I also love writing stories about different adventures; one of the stories I have written is called “Animal Land”. My favourite story is Diary of a Wimpy Kid because I find it so funny.”



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