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History can’t just be taught, it has to be discovered and experienced!

I’m Miss Addy and I’m the History co-ordinator at Gorringe Park Primary School. I always enjoyed learning about History as a child, but now as a teacher, I have the pleasure of revisiting it all over again, and alongside curious minds in the classroom!


‘A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots’. Quite simply, the past teaches us about the present. The world we live in now has been sculpted by previous actions and events of the past, and due to that, I believe that History is an imperative part of children's education.


I love the links that History has great links with Geography and how History helps us to understand more about the world. I’ve always believed that the teaching of History helps to build upon tolerance and empathy, as studying the lives and struggles of others allows us to have a better understanding of other cultures, traditions and a life before we came to exist. I love teaching about history within Great Britain but I always get very excited to teach History from other parts of the world. It gives me an opportunity to research and recap on knowledge that I was taught about as a child. My favourite historical period (at the moment) is ancient Sumer and ancient Egypt!


It’s a common misperception that studying history simply involves remembering people, events, key dates, and places etc. The who, what, when and where types of questions are just the start of it. Historians are far more interested in exploring the how and why questions – that is, interpreting events to better understand how they unfolded and why they occurred. My favourite part about teaching and leading the subject History is building upon children’s love and passion for History. The children at school often ask very thought-provoking questions and display great enquiry skills. I love that History is a bit of a mystery – it’s like completing a huge puzzle. Together we’re piecing it together, but there’s still a lot of pieces to go!


I am proud to introduce my History Ambassadors who inspire me when I hear of their efforts and accomplishments when exploring History:





At Gorringe Park Primary School we aim to deliver a History curriculum that is relatable to the diverse cultures in attendance at our school. With a high volume of our children coming from countries other than the UK, it is important that they know the important events and significant figures in the history of the country they reside in as well as their country of origin. To this extent we aim to provide children at our school with the skills and tools necessary to become historians, answering questions about our past and creating links on how it has affected our present and will impact our future. Children who have graced our corridors should leave knowing full well of the achievements that the fore-runners of their generation have accomplished.


Our history curriculum covers a wide range of time periods, cultures and significant events that keep our pupils engaged and interested through the interactive lesson we provide here at Gorringe. We believe that history can’t only be taught, but has to be discovered and experienced. With key questions driving the journey of discovery in each lesson, children will embark on the challenging quest of finding information and checking its validity and reliability like actually historians!


Our society and history is changing as we speak! In the past 15 years not only have we seen our first Black American president, we also have our first female Black/Asian vice president! Thus, at Gorringe we feel it’s important to highlight key figures who are female or are from minority ethnic groups in order to encourage our children by giving them role models they can be inspired by to make a difference in our world.

Our History Curriculum Intent: 


To equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge to become their own historians, researching and answering questions to key events in history and that are relevant to the various cultures in attendance at our school.


Our History Curriculum Implementation: 


Our lessons include...


Key questions that dictate a lesson or topic will pinpoint children to specific information in a time period, culture or significant individual. This will fine tune the knowledge and information they receive as well as give them the ability to compare similarities and differences between cultures and time periods.


Lessons that are engaging and interactive. History doesn’t have to be boring! Our history lessons allow children to become: archaeologists carrying out excavations, Victorian children experiencing what a typical school day is like, individuals who experience the burning catastrophe that is the fire of London.


Educational trips and visits. Our great city has a myriad of museums and galleries that are a great exhibition and monument to our past, showing pupils that learning can also happen outside the classroom setting.


Cross-curricular links: You can take the history out of the subject but you can’t take the subject out of history! There is no subject that can’t be linked to history in some form and thus there are many opportunities to combine history and science or history and P.E allowing even the most resistant historians to see another side of this subject.


Our History Curriculum Impact: 


Our children leave our school with the relevant foundational knowledge that their secondary education can build upon. They will have the skills and tools to answer their own questions about history using both modern and past sources of information. What is most important is that our pupils develop a love of history that will stay with them long after they have left our school. 









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