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                          Miss Cheung                                                                                     Miss Zhou



I am Miss Cheung and I am the Modern Foreign Languages lead at Gorringe Park. Our wonderful and talented Miss Zhou is our Mandarin Chinese teacher. Each week, she teaches Mandarin from Year 1 to Year 6.


Although I may not be fluent in Mandarin Chinese, I know the importance in learning a language other than English. I am proud to know another language and this has been very helpful to me as a learner and as an adult - especially when travelling abroad.


One of the reasons I am proud we offer Mandarin Chinese as our Modern Foreign Language  is because it is often a language overlooked. Some might think it is difficult because the language consists of characters and not letters. However, I am certain that children can tell you that learning and memorising that characters is as easy as learning your ABCs.


Miss Zhou and I are extremely proud of the learning which takes place at school. We have been able to integrate this language into our school events. An example of this was when the children learnt how to sing Jingle Bells for the Virtual Christmas concert. We take pride in the ways we teach Mandarin Chinese. Children here are given the opportunities to practice what they learn through competitive games and discussions about Chinese culture in Mandarin Chinese.


It is always so exciting to hear what the children learnt with Miss Zhou. Children at Gorringe Park are always so enthusiastic with their learning and always willing to share their new language skills.

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