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Pupil Voice

Why I like reading:


“To find information” Aegan, Year One.


“Reading helps me make my own stories” Imran, Year One.


“Stories are fun. I like princess books!” Daisy-Ann, Year One.



What I like about English:


“I love reading and writing, especially writing stories because you can use a lot of your imagination. I also adore reading because you learn new words and books are really interesting,” Isabella, Year Three.


“I like acting because you can recreate a book,” Abaan, Year Three.


“I like doing debates because I like expressing myself,” Salil, Year Five.


“I like how we read books and make predictions because there's no right or wrong answer! I enjoy the books we read because it is always a surprise on what's going to happen! I like how we write out own reports and change the endings to our stories, which is some of the reasons why I like writing!” Melsha, Year Five.




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