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Examples of our maths learning!

Year 1: Kuba, Italy Class

"I like Maths because we are learning about adding. It is fun because we are using dienes to count our tens and ones."


Year 2: Isobel, Germany Class

"I like adding up and working out maths problems. My favourite part of maths is completing maths challenges."


Year 3: Abdul-Hakeem, South Africa Class

“I like maths because it is fun and I get to learn all about the different methods in maths. I like learning my times tables and doing word questions. I love it because I learn it in a fun way.”


Year 4: Kacper, Japan Class

"I love maths because we always learn in a fun way. We use so many different resources and representations which really helps me understand. My teacher explains how to do solve the problems so easily, it is my favourite subject now. I have learnt so much about fractions especially equivalent fractions."


Year 5: Affan, Brazil Class

“I really enjoy Maths! I love learning about fractions and how it applies to real life. I enjoy doing practical work and solving problems.”


Year 6: Mithushana, New Zealand Class

“The reason I love maths is because I think it's fun. There are so many different topics of it and you can identify all the different methods. There are so many different usages of maths, you can use it in every area of life! From building, to scoring sports matches, to paying for things. Furthermore, you can play a lot of maths games like battle ships!”


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