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I am Miss. Mani and I absolutely LOVE science! I have been passionate about science ever since I was a little girl – I used to read my grandfather’s big textbooks on medicine (even though I didn’t understand a word!) and pretend I was a doctor.





One of the reasons I love science so much is because it allows us to ask questions and be curious about the world around us, even when we don’t always know the answer. This ability to be inquisitive is what makes children excellent scientists, as they are always ready to question why things happen.


I am always so proud of the wonderful science learning that happens within our school – it’s always a delight to see how excited the children become when they talk about their science learning and share their work! Our approach here at Gorringe Park is to teach science under the umbrella of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) and through this approach, we aim to ensure that children leave primary school, with a love and enthusiasm for science, which they will take with them in the next steps of their life. ‚Äč


I am so proud to introduce our Science Ambassadors for this year – Maria and Ashvin! Here’s why they enjoy science:



"I love Science because we get to investigate with magnets and different materials. Science is my favourite subject and it is so much fun, especially when we do Kahoots! to test our science knowledge and understanding so far"



"I think it is so cool. I like learning about volcanoes. Did you know volcanoes can explode?! You can even create your own volcano." 


One of my proudest moments was when we achieved our PSQM Award earlier this academic year – it shows that we’re on the journey to becoming a school that teaches outstanding science! It was a wonderful way to showcase some of the incredible science learning that takes place around the school.


I’m excited to continue grow and nurture science within the school and as the children say – “here at Gorringe we don’t just like science, we LOVE it!”

Our Eco-School Green Flag Award



We are very proud of our Eco-Schools Green Flag award!


Space Education Quality Mark (SEQM - Bronze Level): we have been awarded this for showing that throughout the school we are learning about space in all different contexts.



Next Steps:


We are learning to link our science with our eco-schools projects and our summer challenge is to try to reduce our plastic consumption, which is having a serious effect on the environment especially on sea-life.

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