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I am Ms Afzal and I believe that science isn't just a subject; it's a journey of discovery, wonder, and endless possibilities!


From a young age, my fascination with the natural world and the mysteries it held was obvious. My parents often found me immersed in books about stars, plants, and animals. As I grew, this fascination transformed into a deep-seated love for scientific exploration and learning.


Our approach at Gorringe Park Primary is where students are immersed in hands-on, enquiry-based learning, where pupils are encouraged to ask questions, make observations, and draw their own conclusions. Through experiments, nature walks, and exciting projects, we create an environment where science comes alive for every child.


I am extremely proud of the fantastic science learning taking place at school which provides ample opportunities for children to embrace challenges, think critically, and approach the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity.


This year we want the children to see that education extends beyond the classroom by organising science fairs, guest lectures, and field trips to expose our students to the rich world of science outside the school walls. I want them to understand that science is not confined to textbooks; it's all around us, waiting to be explored.


I’m excited to continue grow and nurture science within the school and as the children say – “here at Gorringe we don’t just like science, we LOVE it!”

Our Eco-School Green Flag Award



We are very proud of our Eco-Schools Green Flag award!


Space Education Quality Mark (SEQM - Bronze Level): we have been awarded this for showing that throughout the school we are learning about space in all different contexts.



Next Steps:


We are learning to link our science with our eco-schools projects and our summer challenge is to try to reduce our plastic consumption, which is having a serious effect on the environment especially on sea-life.

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