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Gorringe Park Primary School

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Our Team

 Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Pearl Harris - Coke 


DDSL, Assessment, CPD, overall Strategic Vision, Assessment, Teaching and Learning

Ms Lucy Gawthorp

Deputy Headteacher (job share)

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Inclusion, SENDCo, EAL and PP

Miss Nicola Wright

Deputy Headteacher (job share)

DDSL, Primary Expert Teacher for the Borough of Merton, Curriculum, Professional Coordinating Mentor

Mr Peter Turner 

School Business Manager

Finance, HR, Admin, Premises, Health & Safety, Procurement, ICT, DDSL                                  

Mrs Kim Marshall

PA to Headteacher

Office Manager, Attendance and Admissions, DDSL 

 Early Years Foundation Stage Team
 Class Teacher and Responsibilities Support Staff

Miss Rebecca Hume

Nursery - England Class

Forest School and RE Lead

Miss Amy Jones




Miss Gilly Clift (Nursery Nurse)



Miss Charlene Reid

Reception - Scotland Class

Early Years Foundation Stage Lead

Miss Joanne Jones

Mrs. Stacey Williams

Reception - Wales Class

Assistant SENDCo and DDSL

Miss Maria Incardona 
 Key Stage 1 Team 
 Class Teacher and Responsibilities Support Staff

Miss Katie Taveira

Year 1 - Italy Class

Computing and Library Lead

Mrs Kate Rogerson


Miss Sam Tubb

Assistant Headteacher (job share)

Year 1 - Spain Class 

Years 1-3 Phase Lead

Geography Lead 

Behaviour Lead


Mrs Kate Rogerson

Mrs Oana Cretu

Year 2 - France Class

Job Share (Mon - Wed)

Gifted and More Able Lead

Mrs Varsha Haria


Mrs Jenny Barrett

Year 2 - France Class

Job Share (Wed - Fri)

English Lead

Early Reading and Phonics

Mrs Varsha Haria

Miss Tarryn Gerken

Year 2 - Germany Class

English Lead

Early Reading and Phonics


Mrs Varsha Haria
 Key Stage 2 Team 
Class TeacherClassSupport Staff

Mrs Sarrah Ahmad

Year 3 - South Africa Class

Design and Technology Lead

Health Schools Lead

Ms Emma Sutcliffe

Mrs Andrea Pyne

Year 3 - Nigeria Class

Music and Arts Lead

Ms Emma Sutcliffe

Miss Abida Bashir

Year 4 - Japan Class

Maths Lead

Personal, Health, Social and Emotional Lead

Mrs Madiha Malik


Miss Laura Addy

Assistant Headteacher (job share)

Year 4 - India Class

Years 4-6 Phase Lead

Pupil Parliament and Social Media Lead

History Lead


Mrs Madiha Malik

Miss Megan Berry

Year 5 - Argentina Class


Mrs Angela Toovey

Mr Taiwo Dipeolu

Year 5 - Canada Class

Educational Visits Coordinator and Physical Education Lead

Mrs Angela Toovey

Miss Louisa Cheung

Year 6 - New Zealand Class

Home Learning and Modern Foreign Languages Lead

Miss Jeanette Lowe

Miss Archie Mani

Year 6 - Australia Class 

Science, ECO School and Black Lives Matter Lead

Miss Jeanette Lowe
Year 6 - Fiji Class - Year 5 and 6 Intervention Teacher  

Intervention Teacher 

(Mon - Tues)


Pupil Premium Intervention Teacher

(Weds - Fri)

 Planning, Preparation and Assessment Cover 
Mandarin TeacherMiss Zhou Jaiyuan
PECoach Paige 


Merton Music Foundation


                          Additional Learning Support Team
 Learning Support Assistant


Miss Ayesha Williams (Year 2)



Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Komal Tariq (Year 5)


Learning Support AssistantMiss Corrine Burton (Year 4) 
Learning Support AssistantMiss Pina Pandya (Year 5)
Learning Support AssistantMrs Jahnna Antat (Year 6)
Learning Support AssistantMrs Varsha Haria (Year 2)
Learning Support AssistantMiss Sally Babb (Year 6)
Learning Support AssistantMiss Kirsty Williams (Year 6)
Learning Support AssistantMiss Gosia Marlgozata (Year 6)
Dyslexia Specialist Teaching Assistant Miss Michelle Barnett
EAL Specialist Teaching AssistantMiss Sarah Catt
Speech and Language Specialist Teaching AssistantMiss Anneliese De Souza
Occupational Therapy Specialist Teaching AssistantMrs Vimaladevi Sarvanathan
 Jigsaw4UMr Zeb Tonkim
 TAMHSMrs Jan Lampard
                               Administration Team
Finance and HR Assistant, DDSL Mrs Kyleah Widdicombe
 LA Education Welfare OfficerMrs Jackie Nash
                                  Premises Team
Site ManagerMr. Chris Bousfield
Assistant Site Manager/H&S ManagerMr. Nathan Tulloch
                            Midday Supervisors Team
Midday SupervisorMrs Jacqui Coleman
Midday SupervisorMrs Hasmita Dalia
Midday SupervisorMrs Tharini Vimalan
              Penguin Club Team (Extended Services)
Play WorkerMrs Hasmita Dalia
Play WorkerMrs Pauline Jewell
Play WorkerMrs Jacqui Coleman

                             Catering Team (Caterlink)

 Kitchen ManagerMiss Carolina
Kitchen StaffMs. Shanthini Muthukumar
Kitchen StaffMs. Jayarangini Raveendran
Kitchen StaffMs. Vallinayaki Srimurgan
                                  Cleaning Team
 Cleaning TeamJulius Rutherford Cleaning Company


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